Building It Together Capital Grant


Program Guidance (April 2013)


Vineyard Community Church - West Philly (VCC) seeks to make our great city even better by joining in Jesus’s ongoing work in our world, so that all people may have spiritually-connected, purpose-filled, and satisfying lives.

In 2012, VCC developed “Building It Together,” a capital campaign to renovate a building at 123 S. 51st Street into a worship space and community center. (For more information about the ongoing “Building It Together” campaign, including how to give, please click here:

As part of the campaign, VCC membership pledged to set aside 10 percent of proceeds from the capital campaign to seed-fund a new “Building It Together” Capital Grant Program. The purpose of the grant program is to support new capital-intensive, community-centric philanthropic endeavors in Philadelphia and around the world.

Upon award, funding from this grant program will be distributed as a one-time cash grant based on eligibility and evaluation criteria as described below.

Maximum Award

The maximum award from the “Building It Together” Capital Grant Program is $10,000. Size of each grant award up to the $10,000 limit will be based on availability of funding and demonstrated need.

Match Requirement

There is no match requirement to receive a “Building It Together” Capital Grant.

Application Deadline & Notification

Applications for grant funding will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning June 8, 2013. The application period will last one month and close July 15, 2013. The applications will be reviewed by a team of VCC members based on established evaluation criteria (see below). All applicants will be notified of award by August 25, 2013.


To be eligible for a “Building It Together” Capital Grant, the applicant must:

-          Be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as an incorporated 501(c)(3)

-          Have a strong community-centric focus, as demonstrated by the organization’s mission statement and continuous presence in the community for at least three years

-          Intend to use the funding for a specific capital project with community-focused objectives

The program does not require organizations to be faith-based or located in West Philadelphia, however organizations that meet either of those criteria will receive preference for funding.

Funding is to be used for capital projects only, and is not eligible for operating and maintenance activities. Eligible activities include labor for construction, purchase of equipment, materials, and supplies.

Evaluation Criteria

Applications for funding under the “Building It Together” Capital Grant Program will be evaluated based on the following weighted criteria:



1) Community Impact of Capital Project

30 Points

2) Community-Centric Mission of Organization

20 Points

3) Demonstrated Need for Funding

20 Points

4) Demonstrated Capacity to Administer Grant

10 Points

5) Faith-Based Organization

10 Points

6) Presence in West Philadelphia

10 Points


VCC reserves the right to change the standards by which it evaluates and rewards grants at any time with or without cause. All grants are contingent upon the discretion of the VCC Grant Committee with guidance and supervision from the VCC Council. While the Grant Committee aspires not to disrupt the financial planning of any organization, the Grant Committee and the VCC Council reserve the right to cancel any grant award at any time with or without cause.

Structure of Application

A responsive application for funding under the “Building It Together” Capital Grant Program will include the following elements:

-          COVER LETTER: Provides contact information, statement of interest, and a written statement that applicant agrees to the requirements of the “Building It Together” Capital Grant Program

-          ORGANIZATION OVERVIEW: Provides background information on the applicant, including the following:

  • Mission Statement
  • Nature of Business
  • Community-Based Activities
  • Membership & Giving Profile

-          PROJECT OVERVIEW: Provides background on the capital project

-          STATEMENT OF NEED: Provides information related to the financial gap to be filled by the prospective grant funding

-          PROJECT OUTCOMES: Describes the reason for the project being carried out and the measureable outcomes the applicant hopes to achieve

-          PROJECT PLANS: Describes the timeline for the project and provides project designs and/or plans, if available

-          PROJECT BUDGET: Shows line-item project expenditures, including intended uses for prospective grant funding in the context of the broader project

-          FINANCIAL & ADMINISTRATIVE CAPACITY: Demonstrates that the applicant is capable of administering the capital grant and completing the proposed project; application materials must include the two most recent year-end income and expense statements

Post-Award Requirements

Grant funding must be expended within 12 months of award. In the event that the funds are not expended within 12 months of award, applicants may submit a written request for a six-month extension. If the funds are not expended within the approved period of time, the recipient must return the full amount of the grant award to VCC.

Upon award, grant funding recipients must provide VCC with six-month progress update reports until the completion of the capital project. The reports should be submitted by the 30th of June and 31st of December of the first two years and include the following:

-          Project Status Update

-          Project Expenditures

-          Outcomes Achieved

-          Community Impact


Please direct any questions about the grant application to Program Manager Erik Johanson. All grant applications should be submitted via email no later than 5 PM EDT on July 15, 2013 to .

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